May 13, 2019

T.M.P. in Langerwehe

We are planning our Transnational Meeting Project in Langerwehe in Septembre 2019 

The meeting will hae a two-tier objective:
- organise and impleemnt the project's last activities
- start writing up the folowing Erasmus+ project

Our German partner helps us to find accommodation :

April 30, 2019

Romania - They speak about us

The Romanian press mentions 
  • the students' vist to Poland here 
  • the students' learning outcomes here
  • our Romanian partner's commitment to Erasmus+ actions here

April 29, 2019

Romania wins a a European prize

Our college participated today to a National Contest called "Made for Europe", which proposes to:
- disseminate the results of the Erasmus projects,
- value the resulting products,
- increase the visibility of products.

Our project, "How sustainable is my school?" has won 3rd place. 

The prize will take place over 3 weeks. 

Then I'll upload the pictures to Etwinning!🤗🤗🤗

April 06, 2019

France - Marché artisanal local

Nous organisons un marchĂ© artisanal local Ă  F.Buisson

Nos partenaires, des producteurs locaux et des officiels, y participent

  • La Mairie d'Ermont (ici),

  • Le syndicat Emeraude (ici),


The press mentions our event

France - Open Day at F. Buisson school

April 03, 2019

France - Planting flowers

Students planted flowers 
helped by their teacher, Mrs Clede 


April 02, 2019

France - Goats are back to school

Our partner, La Ferme Francilienne, and our students collaborated to  construct the goats' shelter.


The goats feed from the grass, flowers, shrubs and trees. They help us reduce our vegetation wastes to the landfills


March 26, 2019

The press - they talk about us

The Romanian press mentions 
our Romanian partner's mobilities 
to Italy and to Poland

=> here

March 25, 2019

Poland LTT report

Second Activity
Przeworsk, Poland
17th-23rd March 2019
Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership,  key action 2
How sustainable is my school?

               Zespol Szkol Ogolnoksztalcacych i Zawodowych in Przeworsk implements
the Strategic Partnership Erasmus+ Project KA219 "How sustainable is my school?", which
runs from 01.09.2017 to 31.08.2020 and is funded with the support of the European Union.

The partners in this project are:
FRANCE, LycĂ©e Professionnel Ferdinand Buisson- Ermont – project coordinator
ITALY, Insituto Tecnico Economico Tecnologico Bramante Genga – Pesaro
GERMANY, Europaschule Langerwehe Gesamtschule – Langerwehe
POLAND, Zespol Szkol Ogolnoksztalcacych i Zawodowych- Przeworsk
ROMANIA, Economic College Mihail Kogalniceanu - Focsani
The working language of the project is English.
During 17th-23rd March, 2019, Zespol Szkol Ogolnoksztalcacych i Zawodowych in
Przeworsk held the second training and learning meeting between partner schools
At this meeting participated:
·         2 teachers and 7 students from France
·         2 teachers and 6 students from Germany
·         2 teachers and 7 students from Italy 
·         3 teachers and 7 students from Romania
·         teachers and students from Zespol Szkol Ogolnoksztalcacych i Zawodowych in Przeworsk, Poland
               The aim of this activity is to take environmental actions and to awaken the interests of students, their families and local communities about environmental issues. Students and teachers have been trained to find solutions to reduce environmental pollution and to promote initiatives in the field of nature protection, to organize educational campaigns to protect the environment, recycle and save natural resources. At the same time, we had a chance to improve the language skills of communication in English, to get to know new places in terms of historical, cultural and geographical fields, to develop team spirit and to expand a European citizen consciousness, based on values ​​such as tolerance, respect and the recognition of  differences.

               On Monday, March 18th 2019, the opening was held at the school gym, where the objectives of the meeting were announced, the participating countries and their schools were introduced, students and teachers were handed gadgets and materials promoting the LTT meeting, the project’s main activities done in each school were shown by students in PPT presentations and videos prepared in advance in their countries. During the opening meeting the memories from the 1st LTT meeting were also reminded, all participants were informed about the meeting program and planned activities. The meeting was supported by performances of the school artists.
               The event was a special one in the local community; it has been proven by the presence of the representatives of local authorities who attended the meeting and Zespol Szkol Ogolnoksztalcacych i Zawodowych benefited of their support for the smooth running of the activities that took place in the week 17th-23rd March 2019, in Przeworsk. In addition, the team of coordinating teachers, students helping in the meeting organisation and class delegations were also present. After the opening, teachers and students were shown the school building, they could see the photo exhibitions, activities and results of project actions taken at school ( recycling waste containers, energy- saving light bulbs and paper-saving classroom equipment, water-saving areators, posters and stickers displayed in corridors and classrooms reminding about the necessity of saving natural resources and the environment protection, battery and plastic caps containers serving for charity gathering, bio-bins and compost containers used for a school garden ) as well as watch live lessons and get to know and make new schoolmates.

            On Tuesday, March 19th 2019, two thematic visits were held in Krosno, the city which is the largest glass and glass fibre production centre in Europe. At first, a visit at the Glass Heritage Centre which is not an "ordinary" museum. It is, above all, a fascinating place which makes the visitors realise how many secrets are hidden in glass and its production. We could actively participate in the process of glass production, hold the pipe and discover the magical art of glass-blowing, see the artists designing their glass works, watch the film about the history of Glass production in Krosno, take part in the workshops with glass decoration as well as admire hundreds of glass exhibits also made out of waste glass which give them incredible design. The next visit was at the Subcarpathian Museum where we could admire the largest in Europe exhibition of lamps. They are in different shapes and colours, are produced from different materials, using different techniques. We could also enlarge our knowledge about the history of lighting. This exhibition chronologically presents different types of light sources, from fire, through torches, candles, oil and paraffin lamps to electric lamps.

On Wednesday, March 20th 2019, Recycling workshops were organized at school, students created things out of recycled materials: paper, plastic, glass. Materials used for the worhshop were gathered in advance in special waste containers at school. Recycled objects were displayed in the exposition of art works, and then prepared for the Easter Fair aimed at raising money for charity. In the afternoon a study visit was held at the Gran – Tech company – a leading recycler of rubber in the region which proves its concern for the protection of nature and the environment. We could observe and were informed about the process of recycling rubber waste into manufacturing goods used in road traffic, drives, gardens, horse tracks, sport centres, fitness gyms and playgrounds. At the end, all students and teachers were given the recycled gadgets and materials showing the idea of 3Rs processes – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
               On Thursday, March 21st 2019, a trip to RzeszĂłw was organised, we took part in the lecture „Sustainable development. How to monitor my activity” at University of Rzeszow – faculty of biology and agriculture. The lecturer, prof. dr hab. Joanna Kostecka presented students and teachers interesting ideas concerning the environment protection, what we should do and what we should avoid in order to leave our planet in the good condition for our future generations. We could also get some hints what actions we must take to make our schools, houses and workplaces sustainable and what we can do to act in a sustainable way in our everyday life because everyone can find their own way to achieve it. In the afternoon all Erasmus+ teams competed in the location-based game in the town. The game called „It’s easy being green: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” prepared by students, involved solving puzzles and doing tasks in four different bases in Przeworsk. The exercises were aimed to realise students the importance of the environment protection, the need of recycling and show them the ways of being eco-friendly. It proved again that learning by playing is really effective and helped in practising and developing language skills.

               On Friday, March 22nd 2019, a thematic visit was organized at the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Cracow, where students had the opportunity to see one of the most modern wastewater treatment technologies in Poland, get to know how the station works, what technologies are used to purify wastewater and bring quality water into the houses and public places. On the tour with technical managers, we saw each station component and were supplied with some practical everyday advice, for example what we should not throw to the toilets and about a necessity of saving water. Being in Cracow, the former capital city of Poland, we could not omit the places important in terms of culture and history: the Wawel Castle, the Cracow’s symbolic dragon, the Market Square and the historic churches.

Analyzing the training and learning activity in our school, we realised: 
- a very good interaction between partners, sharing ideas, pleasant working atmosphere;
- the objectives have been well defined and achieved in full;
- the documentary visits were well organized, helping the partners to enrich their notions about ecological actions and Polish culture;
- workshops have been carried out in right conditions, with partners contributing equally to the achievement of tasks;
- a good collaboration between local decision-makers, parents, teachers, students has been proven;
- the promotional materials were visible and performed correctly;
- participants received the attendance certificates at the meeting.

The conclusion was that the objective of the meeting was successful and the impact on the target group was positive.

March 22, 2019

Poland LTT - Day 5

Treasure Hunt

click here to have a look at it all

Romania LTT Europass

The participants to the first project LTT in Romania received their Europass form

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March 21, 2019

Poland LTT - Day 4

Castle of Lancut



lecture at university of Rzeszow


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